English Afternoon Tea Full of Ritual

Aug. 16, 2021

The 19th-century Duchess Anna Maria Russell found that she was hungry at around four o'clock in the afternoon, so she always asked her servants to prepare a tea tray with butter, bread and cakes at this time. In the long run, this habit made her want to stop, and she shared it with her little sisters, and the custom of English afternoon tea came from this.

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The importance of afternoon tea to the British can be seen. You must know that in the 1880s, high-class women would wear long dresses, gloves and hats to enjoy afternoon tea. Then in your own garden, prepare for the tea break-hearty hot and cold snacks, three-tier snack rack, biscuit holder, sugar bowl, milk cup, fruit plate, lemon cutter... and then entertain friends and guests as guests. Sitting in front of the big round table, he ordered the maid to hold a small box containing tea, and open it in front of everyone to show the preciousness of tea. Usually the host of the treat will entertain the guests in the best room in the house. In British culture, there is a saying that "when the clock is ringing, everything in the world stops for tea in an instant."

For tea, the British also have their own set of rules. This may be related to the perennial coldness in the UK. Before making tea, you must first blanch the teapot with hot water, and then brew it with boiling water. It must be flushed into the pot immediately, otherwise it will be considered that the tea is not fragrant. We also often see that there is a small and exquisite teaspoon when brewing, which is used to control the amount of tea leaves. The British "tea time" is not just about drinking tea, it must be accompanied by a "tea meal."

It is an important part of British afternoon tea. The real tea meal refers to social and family gatherings where you dine while drinking tea. Generally speaking, tea is the most popular and exquisite in Britain, but it has also spread to English-speaking countries or former British colonies. Other countries also have different forms of tea meals. But now, in the fast-paced life, tea meals are more diversified. The British retain such a traditional afternoon tea custom, not only can enjoy an afternoon tea in their own garden, but also can enjoy an authentic afternoon tea in a cafe on the roadside. Some small desserts + a cup of English afternoon tea have become solace in a busy day.

Of course, China also has a rooted tea culture. There are also "Chinese-style" methods from brewing tea to drinking tea. Compared with the sense of ritual of the British, we are more complicated and richer in the production and craftsmanship of the tea itself.

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