The Historical Origin of English Afternoon Tea

Jul. 29, 2021

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China is the hometown of tea. The history of Chinese tea drinking can be traced back to the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties 3000 years ago. In the Tang Dynasty, the tea culture spread to Japan and Korea. Until 1610, tea set off from Fujian by sea and reached Europe by the Dutch.

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It is the United Kingdom that really promotes Chinese tea in Europe. Speaking of it, the period from Chinese tea to English afternoon tea is full of stories for almost four hundred years.

In 1662, Princess Catherine of Portugal married Charles II. As Princess Catherine's dowry, 221 pounds of Chinese black tea and exquisite tea sets were brought to England. Catherine showed this elegant drink to the British court and nobles, and tea culture landed in Britain for the first time. As a result, Chinese tea has become popular in the UK and has become the new favorite of the upper class.

The orthodox British afternoon tea culture officially appeared in the Queen Victoria's era (1837~1901 AD). This was the strongest era of the British Empire, and it was also an era when culture and art were flourishing, and people were obsessed with pursuing connotation and exquisite taste in life.

In 1840, the British white rich and beautiful had a long and boring afternoon. Duchess Annabedev VII asked the maid to prepare toast, butter, and tea for her belly every four o'clock, and invited her girlfriends to taste it. Unexpectedly, this became a fashion and spread widely. This has become the source of English afternoon tea.

To this day, everyone from the British royal family to the British civilians love to drink afternoon tea. The Queen of England will serve it on time at the 5 o'clock afternoon tea every day, no matter where he is. Whether you are traveling to the UK for business, visiting friends or studying abroad, afternoon tea is an option that people must not miss when they come to the UK. The fragrant tea and exquisite refreshments contain the taste of British history and belong to the quiet and comfortable time in the afternoon. Our company also has Top Restaurants Coffee Cups Set on sale, welcome to contact us.