Using beautiful tableware, I would like to eat a little longer

Oct. 14, 2021

Why do other people's kitchens always smell like fairies?

but your kitchen is full of smoke and mirrors?


Tableware is the main attraction in the kitchen and at the table. Beautiful tableware can add flavor to your meal, set the mood for your family dining experience, and express your personal style. Choosing beautiful dinnerware will show off great artistic taste and give your table an understated yet upscale look.


Types of tableware materials


▷ Porcelain: Porcelain is a versatile material with a non-porous surface and incredible durability from high firing temperatures. Porcelain is often dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Some porcelain tableware contains metal elements, so be careful as this makes them non-microwaveable.

▷ Stoneware: Stoneware dinnerware sets have a special finish glaze that gives the material a smooth appearance and an impervious surface, making it ideal for everyday use and family friendliness. Stoneware is more durable than earthenware, but still needs to be maintained and kept at an even temperature. If you choose coarse stoneware, be careful not to expose it to high or freezing temperatures. Also, keep in mind that hand-painted designs may require hand washing.

▷ Pottery: Pottery exudes value, sturdiness and casual charm. As one of the oldest industrial materials, it also gives your tableware significant weight. To make this dinnerware look its best, it's best to avoid unexpected temperature changes, such as high settings in the oven or microwave.

▷ Melamine: These sets are an absolute artist's dream, being both shatterproof and more difficult to break or shred. Melamine dinnerware is perfect for outdoor use. While melamine dinnerware is not suitable for your oven or microwave, it can usually be washed in the dishwasher.


How to set the table with your favorite dinnerware?


Incorporating your personal style into your dinnerware set is easy. They come in a wide range of designs, from casual to stylish, and many in between. More formal dinnerware sets are often made of porcelain or china or rough earthenware. Pottery and melamine make great casual dinnerware sets. It's best to have a durable dinnerware set for your everyday use. Shatterproof sets are ideal for young people and outdoor gatherings, while more sophisticated materials are suitable for more stylish dinner parties and formal gatherings. It is best to have one set for your everyday use and another set for holidays and special occasions.


We can further divide dinnerware sets into four style categories: hand-painted, patterned, solid, and banded. A great way to express your personality and complement your home decor is to use color and pattern. Choosing a neutral color such as white or ivory is the most versatile formal dinnerware set.


Choosing a dinnerware set with a nice border or edge detail will add color and personality while still showcasing the meal itself. For more informal plates, why not let colors and patterns that appeal to you cause a stir. Be adventurous. Consider opting for classic or traditional pieces rather than trend-driven ones. If you're buying for longevity, solid or banded white pieces are a timeless, versatile choice. They are an elegant foundation when you want to add more colorful accents to your table, and they can also enhance the look of your meal.

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Before you decide to purchase tableware, please consider the following.


Open stock is tableware sold one piece at a time. This is ideal for those who only need a few individual pieces or want to mix and match in a collection.


Tableware sets include multiple place settings to take care of the entire table. The most common set is a 20-piece set that serves four people. They usually include dinner plates, salad plates, teacups and saucers for each setting.


Formal dinnerware usually includes all the pieces one needs at the table. Ideal for individuals or couples building their own collections, most place settings include five pieces: dinner plate, salad or dessert plate, bread plate, teacup and saucer. Some sets may include soup bowls.


Most experts recommend having eight to 12 five-piece place settings to ensure you have enough for general use and entertaining. If you're buying two sets - one for everyday use and one for formal use - you can choose from four to six sets of casual dinnerware and up to 12 sets of formal dinnerware. It really depends on the size of your family, how often you entertain, and how much space you have to store the extra items.


Keep your dinnerware sets looking great by following these tips.


Soaking pieces in white vinegar for three minutes before rinsing and towel drying helps remove hard water stains from dinnerware and glasses.

Coffee stains on cups and fork marks on plates can be easily removed by rubbing a paste of baking soda and water on the area before rinsing and drying.


Stacking more commonly used plates and bowls is fine, but to prevent scratching and chipping fine china dishes, secure them by placing them in a padded storage box or using fabric between each piece.


Set the table however you like. Mix and match different styles and find interesting textures. It's all up to personal taste. And with a wide range of options to choose from, you now have the key guide to choose from for all your needs. If you need beautiful tableware, please contact us.